EV Golf Cart Batteries

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Product Detail

Professional Deep Cycle

If there is one thing we should know about the golf cart, it’s that the golf cart battery must be able to deliver consistent performance day in and day out. That is why Western Electrical builds this EV series deep cycle golf cart batteries to provide the rugged durability, outstanding performance and long life that you have come to expect.

Engineered specifically to handle the rigors of continuous discharge and recharge, and with the clear purpose to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability, these batteries are manufactured by utilize the highest quality components, higher-density active material plates and optimized internal current flow design to enable them to withstand the stresses of deep cycling and meet the challenges of the toughest, hilliest courses in the battery world, no matter it’s for golf cart, utility vehicle and low-speed passenger vehicle, as well as hunting buggies.

WESTERN Brand Series

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