AGM MF Battery Series

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Product Detail

Designed for extreme conditions, Western Electrical AGM(Absorbed Glass Mat) MF Powersports/ Motorcycle Battery range provides maximum power over extremely long periods with no loss in performance. And thanks to the special construction, the range of batteries are also spill and leak-proof to 45°and resistant to vibration and deep cycling.

These batteries are shipped under dry charged and unfilled state with acid bottle separately in order to ensure maximum freshness. Once acid has been properly added to the battery, the fiberglass mat completely absorbs the acid making it virtually spill and leak-proof. Once activated, these batteries do not require refilling and remain maintenance free for the life of the battery.

This AGM MF Powersports/ Motorcycle battery range is perfect for Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, Snowmobile, Quad Bike, Watercraft and Jet-Ski application.

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