Battery for Truck and HGV


HGVs and trucks that cover long distances on a daily basis need batteries that always deliver 100%. That’s because electronic devices such as satellite navigation systems, telephones and other useful features require a battery that doesn’t just have the ability to provide high performance to meet any challenge at the push of a button while on the road, but also whilst parked up at the service station.

Finally, the battery also needs to provide sufficient starting power reserves to get you out on the road again promptly the next morning, even under extreme conditions.

Basic Power Requirement for Truck and HGV Battery


Many of the electronic devices used in modern HGVs and trucks require batteries that deliver the highest levels of performance

Starting power

Batteries need to be able to provide maximum starting power reserves, even after prolonged rest periods and in extreme weather conditions


Long-distance journeys with frequent rest periods and irregular charge and discharge patterns necessitate batteries with high levels of cyclic durability